KMC 9 Speed Missing Link

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Top Features of the KMC 9 Speed Chain Links

Quick release link for Campagnolo, Shimano, KMC, and Sram chains.

Replacement joining link for KMC chains
Pack of 2
  • MTB
  • Road


Pictured is the 8 speed packaging, not 9 speed (supplied)


About Chains

A bicycle chain is a 'roller chain' that has the task of transferring power from the cranks to the rear wheel of the bike thus propelling it. Most bicycle chains are made from alloy steel, but some are chrome plated or stainless steel to prevent rust, or simply for good looks. Chains will vary in width depending on the amount of gears you have, most are 3/32 inch for use with geared systems and then come in 'speeds' which needs to matched to the cassette, ie a 10 speed cassette will need a 10 speed chain and so on. Track bikes or single speeds often run 1/8 inch rings so will need a 1/8 inch chain as well, these will have larger plates to aid stopping on a fixed wheel, which can add extra stress to a chain.


About the KMC brand

KMC produces 82 million chains a year and is a major supplier to Shimano who fit 10 spd chains which are also Campagnolo compatible. The latest KMC X series MTB chains feature Bulls eye pin riveting and X bridge outer plate configuration for quicker, quieter gear changing. Kool chain is well known amongst BMX and freestyle riders for its strength.



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