Resolv Wear 100ml x3pcs

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It washes, regenerates and sanitizes all types of technical sportswear and accessories in synthetic and natural fibers. Designed to be effective on dirt typical of sports at low temperatures (30 °). It removes unpleasant odors and gives it its particular fragrance that remains for a long time with a deodorising effect.

Available in 2 sizes and 2 fragrances

FRAGRANCEX the famous original fragrance of SIXS garments, developed in collaboration specifically to renew the fragrance with each wash and enriched with molecules that keep the fibers soft and intact without using fabric softener and that reduce the formation of bad odors while wearing them.


THE HEAD NOTE of the fragrance is dominated by an intense fresh and mentholated scent where the characteristic scent of eucalyptus and pine of the Siberia prevails, giving the composition an energizing tone and full of vitality.

BODY NOTE: the fresh and camphoracee notes persist which blend with softer and musky tones, combined with intense green hints and light sweet flower nuances.

TAIL NOTE: the final part of the fragrance ends with the fresh and energetic notes of eucalyptus epine combined with those less intense but recognizable flowers and mosses.


Formed by 20/25 washings in a 1L bottle. for normal washing machine use

"Travel" format 100ml portable envelope of 2/3 washes, convenient to take with you to the hotel and accommodations

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