1. In case of warranty:

- Products in warranty period

- The product is warranted in accordance with the supplier's regulations

- You present the warranty card when under warranty.

2. In case not covered by warranty:

- The product has expired on the warranty card or lost the warranty card.

Warranty card does not specify product code and date of purchase.

- Product number and warranty card do not match or cannot be determined for any reason.

- The product is scratched due to long-term use

- Product is dented, deformed due to impact

- Customer voluntarily interferes with the product's machine or takes it to another place for repair.

3. Conditions for return or 100% refund:

- The product detected a manufacturer's fault when receiving the goods.

- The product is not the same as the product that you have ordered on our website.


- Customers need to return goods within 7 working days from the time you receive the goods.

- The return product needs to be intact the label, box, and original packaging of the product as when you received the product at first