In order to ensure the best interests for customers We have a policy of exchange / return goods and refund, cancel orders with the following specific provisions:

1. Change / return products when products are defective or incorrect

BikeLife applies a product exchange / exchange method in case the product received is defective:

+ Delivered the wrong product, the product you receive is different from the product you ordered

+ Products are broken, errors are made by the manufacturer.

+ Products with technical errors ...

In this case, you will be refunded or repaid to a new product of the same type or other product with the same or greater value than the product ordered. If you change to a product with a higher value, please pay the difference of the cost compared to the old product. The entire shipping cost in this case BikeLife will pay

2. Due to customer needs

In case the customer changes the decision of no need to use or needs to buy the product and wants to return the product, BikeLife still accepts to receive the product again but on condition that the fee will be fixed 10% on the value products and products have no signs of being used, dirty or damaged, intact the manufacturer's stamps, labels or seals. The product is full of accessories, stamps or warranty coupons with gifts follow (if any).

And in this case, you will be charged a shipping fee from your location to BikeLife as well as a refund of the original shipping fee from BikeLife to Customer (if the customer is free of delivery at that time).

3. Change the error due to shipping process

Because BikeLife always shows the product before receiving it, when you receive the damaged product due to the shipping process, please refuse the order or immediately respond to BikeLife for assistance. In case there has been a verification report between the carrier and the buyer of the air certificate is broken at the time of receipt. BikeLife will not be able to support barter in this case.

4. Product warranty due to supplier error

BikeLife applies a warranty for products that meets the following criteria:

Products purchased at BikeLife
The product has a warranty policy
The product also has a purchase invoice
Product has warranty period as prescribed
Product defects due to the manufacturer, do NOT guarantee the fault of the user: drop, break, misuse instructions and specifications