Step 1: Search for your product

To find the available products you can refer to the following four ways:

Method 1: Enter the product name or brand name in the "Search" section

Method 2: Refer to the products on the product catalog bar of the Products page, which integrates the filter function by sport and brand filtering

Method 3: Refer to the products by each Brand at the Brand page

Method 4: Refer to the products according to the product catalog bar according to each Sport at the Sports page

Step 2: Find out product information and order

After finding out and selecting the desired product, select "Add to cart" to put the product into the cart and continue to choose other products or select "Buy now" to proceed with the order.

Step 3: Proceed to order

Check products already in your cart and proceed with ordering. To order, you can refer to the following two ways:

Option 1: Order to register an account

To start buying, save orders and enjoy the most attractive offers from us, spend 1 'to create an account using Personal Email

Check the number of products, the name / phone number of the recipient once before going to the next step

Method 2: Order without an account

Enter your name, phone number, shipping address correctly so we can send products to you as soon as possible! Don't forget to check the number of products once before going to the next step

Step 4: You have successfully placed an order!

After successful order. Bike Life will check the actual inventory and call to confirm your order as well as determine the form of payment and notice of shipping charges (if any). Detailed shipping charges please refer to Shipping Regulations

Currently Bike Life has two forms of payment. For details please refer to Payment Guide

Thanks and hope you have a great online shopping experience at website